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7 Colors PDT Light LED Photon Mask Neck Face Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Wrinkles


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Product Description

Photon LED Facial Masks Neck 7 Colour Epidermis Rejuvenation Anti Getting older Splendor Gadget


  • Kill the micro organism that makes and spot.
  • Replace taking drugs.
  • Prevent from relapse.
  • Decrease scars.
  • Easy to function withh full touch display.
  • Maximum power manage software – 15 minutes.
  • Smart design to area the handles on the case.
  • Non invasive medicine and completely secure.
  • Frequency adjustable on the display to re-adjust the address.
  • Electro stimulation treatment blanketed.

  • Type : LED Masks With Neck
  • Item class : Treatment & mask
  • Type : Sleeping masks
  • Use : Whole face
  • LED Easy : 7 colour
  • Gender : Unisex
LIGHT Feature :

Red (630 nm) *It will stimulate the
growth of collagen.Collagen is a necessary protein that used to restore
damaged tissues and to restore the ancient tissues.It can eliminate nice line
and reduce pores.

Blue (470 nm) *bacteria in pimples
cintains porphyrins,because of the excessive affinity with wave size,the
blue easy is in a position to kill porphyrins.In addition,the blue easy has
calm motion which is very valuable for hypersensitivity.

Green (520 nm) *The eco-friendly easy can
balance the colour pigment,and cut back nice strains,improve aging
skin,speed up the curative procedure of the wound,lightening the epidermis.

Purple * It combines red easy and
blue easy,which has two phototheraphy valuable. Particularly it has a
good impact on repairing the pimples.

Yellow (590 nm) *It has particular
590nm wavelength,so it can increase the trade of oxygen within the
cells,to the skin mobile to refill their power,decomposing pigment,
promoting lymphatic drainage,improving the wrinkles,rough epidermis and and so on.

Clear Blue *It can be boost cell power steadily,and has a very good metabolism facilitating impact.

Laser *It can penetrate the epidermis
deeply,so to speed up the tissue metabolism,decomposition colour
spots,improve the look of nice strains and aging epidermis.




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