~Luxe Spa Formula № 33- Best Skin Firming-Tightening/Anti Cellulite Cream- 8oz~

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Luxe Spa Formula № 33- 2017 Award Winning Formula “Best in Class”


Concentrate and Intensive Treatment

Real Women, Real Results, and Real Reviews!

Raved about by Beauty Experts for: ~Skin Firming and Tightening ~Reducing the appearance of Cellulite ~ Works on most scars ~Stretch Marks ~Contains Pure Retinol Derivatives and Naturally Sourced Concentrated Caffeine ~Luxurious scent ~10 pure proprietary blended essential oils ~ Essential vitamin oils including A, E, and C ~ Non greasy formulation

Did you know almost 90% of all women have cellulite? Why is this? Weight gain/loss, hormones, overall genetic disposition…It is what it is. What can you do about it? Ooh La La! Luxe Spa Formula № 33 is a creation of Luxe Spa Formulas, creators of exclusive privately labeled spa products. It is a luxurious lightly scented lotion that has become known for its smoothing properties and its overall effect on the suppleness of the skin. Known amongst the more cachet clientele of physician based offices and spas, this product has become a favorite within the world of swimsuit competitions and beauty pageants. Luxe Spa Formulas has carefully amalgamated 10 of the purest essential oils from around the world. These oils have been used for centuries and are known for their moisturizing, detoxifying and healing properties. This formulation is combined with the most concentrated form of naturally sourced caffeine and other key emollients. We embrace nature and our philosophy is to keep our products pure, luxurious, and efficacious. Every drop of our exclusive formulas is handmade and individually created as ordered. Luxe Spa Formulas encourages every woman to embrace whatever solutions or techniques she needs to implement to look and feel her very best. Some women elect surgery or chemically based products as their solution. For our customers, the approach that comes first is with natural ingredients combined with determinate man made elements. 

Luxurious. Exclusive. Essential. 

***Please note that all photos are before and afters submitted by customers. We will NEVER stage photos and will use only use photos submitted by patients using our product for 6 weeks or more.

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Here are just a few comments from our customers:

Spa Owner and Physician Comments:

” I was a rep for a world renowned skin care line and they have a cellulite lotion that I really like. This is better! I now own my own Medical Spa and I sell this product to all of my clients. I promote it in combination with my Lipo treatments, as well as to be used alone. It sincerely works and it leaves my skin looking smooth and tight! Congratulations on an outstanding formulation!”
Amy DeMaio
Radiant Faces, Austin, Texas
“I am the owner of Alterna Med Spa and Clinic in San Antonio, Texas. We have been so pleased with the results of Luxe Spa Formula No. 33! We do say “Ooh La La” with the results from this lotion! We sell it in combination with our treatments or to be used alone. Our return sales are huge because our patients are seeing results and love it! It is worth the investment and the time- my patients look beautiful! At first I thought, “this should have Retinol in it” but after the results we have seen, we now know it does not need it. Amazing results. It smells like you’ve spent the day in a luxurious spa! If you are in San Antonio, come see us so we can show you why we think it works so well!”
Meagan Coleman
San Antonio, Texas

“I have been in the beauty business for many years and am always happy to try new products. This one surprised me…I can hardly keep this product in stock! In combination with my facials and body work, my patients love it! You can really tell who is using it as directed and who isn’t! I really like Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 and highly recommend it. I use it everyday.”
Linda Vandermause
Vandermause Skin Care
Sugar Hill Spa, Austin, Texas

Individual Customer Reviews
These reviews have been submitted via Facebook or our Contact Us Page. Send us your comments today!

“Say what you want- I probably did…this stuff works. My legs are so much better. Thank you!
~ Marilyn
Long Beach, Ca.
Age- 55
Facebook Friend

” I have been competing in pageants for only a couple of years, and I have never won the swimsuit category until this year. I have worked hard in the gym and with my diet plan. But, I just could not get rid of my cellulite…now my skin looks great! I have been using Ooh La La, Formula No. 33 for about 10 weeks. I saw a difference after about a month. I will use this stuff forever! I don’t want to share my new secret weapon with my pageant competition but, my sisters- well, they love it too! We really love how it smells as well. (Even my Grandmother is using it on her arms and neck!)”
~ Jules
Dallas, Texas
Age- 21

“I saw this product at a beauty show and thought it was just another “natural product that smelled good but wouldn’t work”. The Luxe beauty team explained the process of cellulite and how so many things can cause it. They explained how this product can help with my problem areas. I like that they weren’t selling it as a “miracle” but were honest about how it works, what it can do, and the changes I can make to affect my skin. Now I use it everyday and I sincerely feel like it has changed my skin. I love how my skin looks and feels now. Great product. Worth the 2 minutes every morning and night! Worth the money! I also LOVE how good it smells. Thanks very much for your honesty and direction!”
Las Vegas, NV

“I work in what most consider the top spa in Austin, Texas. I was skeptical about this product but wanted to use it because it’s local and it smells sooo good. My boss was indifferent at first- but now, OMG!!! We love it! After 4 weeks, we see such a difference in my skin texture and my stomach. My boss is testing it now and we are going to start carrying it! Stay tuned! Way to go Austin based, natural, non-animal tested products! LOVE IT! I am a Ooh La La Girl for sure!”
Facebook Friend, Austin, Texas
Age- 27

“My thighs and my stomach were my problem areas. I must admit, they are so much better after 8 weeks of using Luxe Spa Formula No. 33! I feel more confident and I wear shorts now! I think it smells really good too- very much like a spa!”
~ Christina T.
Facebook Friend, Sarasota, FL
Age- 51
“I have used many of the most expensive products available and I think this lotion is wonderful! Last product I bought was great but, it was $250! This smells so good and my skin looks smoother and tighter. It has been 6 weeks and I have already met my goal. NO lotion is a miracle in a bottle but this product did meet my high expectations. 5 Stars! Thank you for shipping it so fast as well.”
Facebook Friend and Twitter Follower, Austin, Texas
“I have been using this product for 9 weeks and my skin has never looked better. My pictures are dramatic but there is no way I am showing my ‘before picture’! My stretch marks are almost gone and I can finally feel good about wearing a bathing suit again. My inner thighs are totally different and my rear- wow! It smells great- my husband loves it- one suggestion: start with the 16oz. It costs more but it is worth it if you are going to commit to the 8 week regimen. Thanks again!”
Facebook Friend, Chicago, IL.
” I have never thought I wanted or needed to buy a product like this before…I was given a sample and decided, “I deserve this!” Anyway- come to find out, my skin looks better than it ever has before. I have played tennis my whole life and have been in the sun. I have tried to protect my skin and to live a healthy lifestyle.  I am so happy with the results and how great my skin looks. My skin is tight and it feels like a baby! The area above my knees is completely different and my backside is much smoother.This treatment is natural and it is something someone like me can embrace and enjoy.  I am so glad I bought it. It will always be in my regimen! I love the pump!”
Facebook Friend
Scottsdale, AZ.
“I am 23 years old, compete in fitness competitions and pageants. I am very fit. I used Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 during a photo session and in 30 minutes I was hooked. I love the way it makes my skin feel and the way it smells. I have never been so confident when I am on a runway or when I am in front of the camera. I apply it about 30 minutes before I compete and I have won my swimsuit competitions 3 times out of 4 times! It is not totally the lotion but, I can tell you that it has definitely been a part of my winning combination. It is always in my backstage bag! I think I am the one who wants it without the label- I want it as my SECRET WEAPON!!!”
Facebook Friend & Twitter Follower
Texas Competitor

“Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 is a great product- it is not surgery but, it is wonderful! I wanted to work on my knees, thighs, and “love handles”. I have not lost inches but my body IS different. I have seen a lifting affect and a smoothing affect all over. I told my sister I have been “smoothed over like fondant on a cake”!!!- it’s crazy but it has worked. It has been 9 weeks. I am 48 years old and have 5 kids. I am so happy and will have this in my daily routine for life. I was a skeptic but I am really happy with this product! Good thing my hubby took pictures- they don’t lie! Thank you! I love buying local too! Go Austin! Go Natural!”
~Jeanine T.
Facebook Friend
Austin, Texas
“It has been 7 weeks and I am skeptically optimistic. In all honesty, I thought this was a gimmick. I tried the sample that I got at a beauty show and loved the smell and texture. I ordered a bottle on line and committed to the 8 week regimen. Like I said, it is week 7 and I will send in my before an afters. I am so happy with my skin texture and smoothness. I feel like I have shed my old self and a new me has come out! Seriously! Thank you for being true to the purity and quality of oils you use. It’s amazing! Here’s to me- in part thanks to you!”
~Hannah Lei
Facebook Friend
San Diego, CA.
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